Montana Made Mashup: Red Oxx and Aspinwall

Red Oxx Aspinwall Mountain Wear Collaboration

Bringing Two Montana Made Companies Together for the First Time

You have choices when it comes to your gear.  Too often, however, the market is flooded with low-quality gear that is snatched up because of the cut-rate prices.  This gear falls apart after just a few uses on the premise that you can always buy another one for just a few dollars.

Aspinwall has teamed up with Red Oxx to buck that trend.

These are two great companies that are founded on the premise that great gear should be built to last and built by the people who use it most.  The end result is that you get apparel and gear that represents who you are.  Aspinwall clothing that you can wear every day (no matter if that day is in the mountains or in the city), combined with bags that are built as tough as an ox.

Here’s where you come in.  You have the unique opportunity to win big from the mashup between these two Montana companies.  Take a look at this video to learn how Aspinwall and Red Oxx are partnering together.

All it takes is your name, phone number, and email address and you’re entered to win AWESOME products from two AWESOME companies!  Seriously, sign up on the home page and then come back to finish reading.  I’ll wait.

Aspinwall Mountain Wear: A New Take on Clothing

The world doesn’t need another t-shirt.  It needs Aspinwall t-shirts.  Why do we make that claim?  Why do you need Aspinwall shirts?

aspinwall mountain wear sustainable t shirtsBecause the way most clothing is made today isn’t sustainable.  Every year 14 million tons of clothing is dumped into landfills; a number that’s rapidly catching up to food and paper products (the two most abundant forms of trash in the landfills).  That can change.

Aspinwall has designed clothing to last longer than the average clothing.  Combine that with shirts made from a significant portion of recycled clothing and you have a double whammy on the reduction of waste: clothes that are recycled and designed to last longer.

With clothes that are made in the US and printed right here in Billings, MT, you know the story behind your long lasting garments.

Red Oxx: Bags that Will Last Longer than a Lifetime

Red Oxx bags built to lastIn 1986 Jim Markel Sr. started Red Oxx products from surplus military webbing.  The demand for their superior products soon outpaced the ability of one man to manufacture them.  Over the next three decades the company has gone through many changes, but one thing has remained: a focus on quality that can’t be beat.

Red Oxx bags are made by hand in downtown Billings, MT.  Every stitch, every zipper, every handle is carefully crafted so that the bag will stand up to whatever your needs are.  Whether you need a tote bag for getting your laptop safely on your adventures, or if you need a rugged backpack to haul your gear through the back country, they’re all designed to last as long as you do.

An Outstanding Warranty Backs Them Up

Both companies have a promise: their work is of such outstanding quality, that if anything rips, breaks, comes apart, blows out, or otherwise doesn’t last due to a manufacturer defect, they will fix it for free.  What that doesn’t mean is if you literally wear a hole in your sweatshirt, bag, hat, or other piece of equipment it will be fixed.  What does mean is that if a seam blows, stitching comes undone, a zipper falls off, or something else fails that shouldn’t have failed, bring it in and it will be replaced or repaired.

Are you ready to sign up for free Montana made gear?

Red Oxx and Aspinwall collaboration mountain tshirts and bags