Defining Quality

quality | ˈkwälədē | 

noun (plural qualities)
the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something

In America today, everyone shops for quality – and why not?  If you’re going out shopping, why wouldn’t you look for the one item that when you compare it to other items is the best?  Makes sense.  It’s getting the most bang for your buck.
But if we are being honest, quality is a buzz word.  It’s a word that manufacturers and stores know you want to hear, so they slap it on everything to make sure that when you come shopping, you find something with the “quality” stamp of approval.

quality ˈkwälədē | 

noun (plural qualities
a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something
At Aspinwall, we asked ourselves “What characteristics make a “quality” product?” And the answers were pretty simple.
First, people.  We believe that quality products can only be made by people who are treated well.  That’s why at Aspinwall, we do our best to take great care of our employees and we only partner with companies whose goods are made in the US by consciences employers and fair-trade employees.
Second, we wanted to use the best materials.  So, we searched and found American companies who took great care in finding and using the best fabrics available.  Because the longer you wear our clothes, the better they feel.  And as a bonus, keeping well-made, long-lasting clothes reduces our environmental footprint.  And as you can guess, we are all about keeping Montana (and the rest of the world) beautiful.
Last, original design.  At Aspinwall, we spend time deigning clothing and artwork that is both unique and useful.  For example, when you put on one of our sweatshirts, the first thing you’ll notice is that it looks and feels like nothing you have ever worn before.  And that’s our goal.  From shirts and hats to sweatshirts and jackets and whatever we think of next, the care we take in product development is something you can see and feel.
We encourage you to shop for quality.  After all, your hard-earned money should be spent on a product that’s a cut above the rest.  We are confident, at Aspinwall, that you’ll find all of the qualities you’re looking for in great clothes.
Written by Michael Aspinwall