Outdoor Colorado Clothing

Colorado Clothing for Outdoor Enthusiasts

How much clothing is in your closet?  If you’re like most Americans, it’s basically overflowing.  You have items for fancy occasions, items to wear while working in the yard, items for work, items for play, and casual items.

Colorado Mountain Wear Clothing

If you take a look at what you have, you will probably realize that your wardrobe shows off who you are.  It shows off what your passions are, what you’re all about.  For a lot of people living in Colorado, you chose this mountainous state because you love to get outside.  Your passion is the mountains.

So why not show off what you love?

Wear Your Passion, Colorado!

Aspinwall Mountain Wear isn’t just a clothing company.  We are a lifestyle brand that represents getting outdoors, enjoying the mountains, and exploring nature in beautiful, sustainable, and comfortable clothing.

When you’re out, you want other enthusiasts to know that you too love the outdoors.  That’s why brands put their logos on their clothing: you form an instant bond with like-minded people.

Aspinwall is dedicated to the outdoors, to sustainable life, to hunting, fishing, skiing, backpacking, and everything that surrounds the lifestyle of the outdoorsman or woman.

It’s one thing to love the outdoors, but we take it a step further and create clothing that’s going to benefit our economy, the planet, and you.

Colorado shirts for mountain lovers

Quality American Made Clothing

In the world of mass production, t-shirts are almost literally a dime a dozen.  Think about it for a second.  If you can have a shirt made overseas, printed with a logo, shipped to the US, put on the rack, sold for $5 and the seller still makes a profit… what kind of quality and materials went into that shirt?  That scenario is seen around the US today, and it’s precisely why most shirts don’t fit or feel the way they should.

Aspinwall Mountain Wear has made a commitment to buck that trend.  Even though it would be a lot cheaper, and profits could increase, we have sourced clothing manufacturers right here in the US.  This means we can see the entire process.

As of 2018, it has gone a step further.  We can now have our shirts manufactured to our specifications, and then they come right to the store in downtown Billings, Montana.  From here, we screen print them to get the exact design with extravagant detail on many of them.  It’s because of our small operations done in house that we can create Colorado clothing for you to show off that you love the outdoors.

Sustainably Sourced T-Shirt Materials

Clothing has taken some unique turns throughout the years.  Today, clothing that wears out too quickly (due to poor manufacturing processes) gets dumped.  Every year the US tosses 14 million tons of clothing.  Aspinwall’s superior quality means that you don’t throw your clothes out as quickly (because they last longer), and we are working hard to offset that 14 million tons.

Some materials, like glass, can be recycled indefinitely.  It doesn’t break down when you melt and reshape it.  But clothing isn’t quite as easy to work with.  Depending on the fabric, you likely can recycle it once or twice.  With all of the new materials out there, that’s enough.  Every t-shirt sold by Aspinwall Mountain Wear, including our Colorado lines of clothing, are made from recycled, or more accurately, upcycled, shirts.

We are reducing clothing waste by turning them into better clothes.

Colorado Clothing for Colorado Lovers

Colorado t-shirtAspinwall Mountain Wear is on a mission.  We have set out to redefine what clothing is all about.  The world doesn’t need another t-shirt company; the world needs this t-shirt company.  These aren’t your mass produced shirts that will only last a dozen washes.  This is clothing made by outdoor enthusiasts, for outdoor enthusiasts, so we can all show off that we care about the mountains, we care about taking care of the planet, and we care about wearing clothing that is going to make a difference.

So, are you ready to make a difference?  You can by picking up an Aspinwall Colorado shirt to start the trend in the mountain states saying, “Our mountains are important.”