Hogan’s Designs

Quality When It’s Needed

Aspinwall as been in business for 6 years and the owners started another business, Hogan’s Designs. This new business offers Screen Print Services and Design work by Derek Aspinwall. You can now take advantage of Derek’s artistic gift and attention to detail while promoting YOUR program or business. 

Screen Print Services

Our attention to detail in the screen print by hand process is what sets us apart. We use plastisol and water based inks for environmentally friendly practices.

Artwork Rework

Derek can rework or add filters to an existing logo that you have. Adding a “cool” factor.


Artwork Creation

You can take advantage of Dereks artistic gift and have him create a brand new logo. It will be yours to use for the t-shirts or any marketing materials you want to brand. 


Hogan’s Designs is the exclusive screen printer for Aspinwall, and they rely heavily on Hogan’s Designs to deliver quality screen print services, attention to detail and creative artwork.

Yellowstone National Park

Aspinwall has chosen to collaborate with Yellowstone and Glacier National Park and screen print their logo on an Aspinwall garment. You too could get a high quality garment with your logo!

Let us “deliver the brand” for your company!

103 N. Broadway Billings MT 59101
Hours: 10am – 5pm

Montana Clothing Company

Screen printing Clothing in Downtown Billings, Montana

Where was your clothing made?  How was it made?  Do you know the process?

Aspinwall has a huge focus on local, sustainable, and built-to-last.  Part of that sustainable effort is understanding where clothing was made, and how it ended up in the store.  Every innovation brings the manufacturing process closer to home, the latest is developing a sub-business called Hogan’s Designs to move screen printing into the back of the shop.

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